Table 1 Quantitative results for the MVSEC dataset across the five subsets.

The table gives the number of frames in each subset, length in seconds, the size of the angular and linear bins used for HBVs, number of vectors in the rotation, X and Z, and the average endpoint error (AEE), average relative pose error (ARPE), and the average relative rotational error (ARRE).

MVSEC subsetOutdoor day 1Outdoor day 2Outdoor night 1Outdoor night 2Outdoor night 3
Length (s)128.325304.875128.3137.4135.7
Ang. bin (rad/s)
Lin. bin (m/s)
Rotation (clusters)104101407487
X (left-right, clusters)4744244033
Z (front-back, clusters)119311244251228