Table 1 Communication experiments.

Cumulative results of the acoustic communication during four of the six dives, spanning 2 days and averaging about 40 active minutes per dive. Note that “steady commands” are commanded states that persisted for at least 1 s. Observations were made at an average depth of 8.1 m, a maximum depth of 18 m, a range between transmitter and receiver of 0 to 10 m, and a transmit acoustic power of 137.3 dB SPL re 1 μPa.

Dive 3Dive 4Dive 5Dive 6
Total commands obeyed673011193
Total commands missed55624657
Steady commands obeyed55267578
Steady commands missed2531721
Percent of steady
commands obeyed
Fish timeouts (reversions to
neutral state)
Percent of dive spent
timed out