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Supplementary Materials

This PDF file includes:

  • Text S1. SWCNT Langmuir compression isotherm
  • Text S2. AFM image of the SWCNT electrode
  • Text S3. Onboard electronic design concept and performance
  • Text S4. DEAnsect CoT calculation
  • Fig. S1. SWCNT Langmuir compression isotherm.
  • Fig. S2. AFM image of the SWCNT electrode.
  • Fig. S3. DEAnsect soft robot fabrication process.
  • Fig. S4. DEAnsect onboard electronics design and performance.
  • Fig. S5. Power flow in the DEAnsect, with number for motion at 12 mm/s.
  • Table S1. Bare DEAnsect robot speed on different material surfaces.
  • Table S2. Bare DEAnsect speed versus payload.
  • Table S3. Components of the 780-mg onboard DEAnsect electronics.

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