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Kirigami skins make a simple soft actuator crawl

Ahmad Rafsanjani, Yuerou Zhang, Bangyuan Liu, Shmuel M. Rubinstein, Katia Bertoldi*

*Corresponding author. Email: bertoldi{at}

Published 21 February 2018, Sci. Robot. 3, eaar7555 (2018)
DOI: 10.1126/scirobotics.aar7555

This PDF file includes:

  • Supplementary sections S1 to S4.
  • Fig. S1. Fabrication of an extending fiber-reinforced actuator.
  • Fig. S2. Kirigami patterns.
  • Fig. S3. Fabrication and assembly of kirigami-skinned crawlers.
  • Fig. S4. Untethered kirigami-skinned crawler.
  • Fig. S5. Mechanical response of the actuator.
  • Fig. S6. Mechanical response of kirigami sheets.
  • Fig. S7. Mechanical response of kirigami-skinned crawlers.
  • Fig. S8. Evolution of surface morphology for our kirigami-skinned crawlers.
  • Fig. S9. Friction measurement setup.
  • Fig. S10. Friction measurements.
  • Fig. S11. Effective friction coefficients.
  • Fig. S12. Frictional properties of a crawler with a plastically deformed skin.
  • Fig. S13. Locomotion of our untethered kirigami-skinned crawler.
  • Fig. S14. Relation between the location of the anchor point and the fraction coefficients.
  • Fig. S15. Finite-element simulations of kirigami unit cells.
  • Legends for movies S1 to S10
  • References (3438)

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Other Supplementary Material for this manuscript includes the following:

  • Movie S1 (.mp4 format). Rectilinear gait of a female Dumeril's boa.
  • Movie S2 (.mp4 format). A fiber-reinforced extending actuator is placed over a rough surface and is subjected to cyclic inflation/deflation.
  • Movie S3 (.mp4 format). Assembly of a kirigami-skinned soft crawler.
  • Movie S4 (.mp4 format). Motion of the crawlers during six inflation cycles with V ∈ 0,24 ml.
  • Movie S5 (.mp4 format). Motion of the crawlers when a total volume Vtot = 120 ml of air is supplied by cyclically inflating and deflating them between Vmax = 24 ml and Vmin ∈ 0,Vmax.
  • Movie S6 (.mp4 format). Fully untethered kirigami skinned crawlers with triangular, circular, and trapezoidal kirigami skins.
  • Movie S7 (.mp4 format). An untethered crawler with circular kirigami skin propels itself over asphalt.
  • Movie S8 (.mp4 format). An untethered crawler with trapezoidal kirigami skin climbs a concrete ramp.
  • Movie S9 (.mp4 format). An untethered crawler with triangular kirigami skin propels itself over rough stone.
  • Movie S10 (.mp4 format). Motion of an untethered crawler with trapezoidal kirigami skin for Pmin = 1, 4, 8, and 12 kPa and Pmax = 16 kPa.

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