26 May 2021
Vol 6, Issue 54

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Robot Grasping and Manipulation. Considerable progress in robotic grasping has been made in picking and sorting regular objects in controlled environments. Yet, compared with human hands, which are exceptionally skilled at handling and transforming objects of various shapes and sizes, robotic hands remain inferior. For example, grasping and manipulation of soft, free-form objects remains difficult for robots. In this special issue, we seek to achieve better robotic grasping by considering the complex interplay of effective manipulator design, vision, perception (e.g., tactile), multimodal scene understanding, spatial planning, as well as learning and reasoning. This month's cover is a photograph of an unconventional two-fingered dexterous hand, Model W, developed by Bircher et al. that utilizes all surfaces of its fingers and palm for manipulation. [CREDIT: BIRCHER ET AL./SCIENCE ROBOTICS]