20 May 2020
Vol 5, Issue 42

About The Cover

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ONLINE COVER Space Hiking. NASA's Mars exploration rover, Spirit, traveled over 6.5 kilometers on Mars before its right-front drive wheel failed. Spirit's wheel would remain locked in low cohesion sulfate sands; this lack of mobility signaled the end of Spirit's mission. In 2015 NASA developed the Resource Prospector 15 (RP15), a planetary rover with a drive-train that combines wheel spinning with cyclic legged gaits. Shrivastava et al. built a laboratory model of RP15, called Mini Rover, to test the locomotion principles of RP15 and demonstrate hill climbing on loose granular media. This month's cover is a photograph of the Mini Rover. [CREDIT: CHRISTOPHER MOORE/INSTITUTE COMMUNICATIONS, GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, GEORGIA TECH RESEARCH CORPORATION]