Table 1 DCP system performance specifications.
Maximum radial reach (m)10.1
Maximum vertical reach (m)14.1
Maximum printable volume (m3)2,786
Type of mobilityTracks
System weight (kg)3,700
Photovoltaic chargingYes
Power sourceBattery/plug-in/diesel
System cost (USD)244,500
Maximum driving speed (m/s)0.550
Minimum driving speed (m/s)0.006
Lift capacity at endpoint of boom (kg)158
Lift capacity at endpoint of KUKA (kg)10
Energy to charge DCP battery [kilowatt-hour (kWh)]12.9
Energy to charge KUKA battery (kWh)3.6
DCP runtime per battery charge (hours)6.5
Platform width, outriggers compact (m)1.03
Platform length, outriggers compact (m)5.92
Platform height, outriggers compact (m)2.72
Mean pose repeatability errorfor AT40GW (mm)13.2
Mean pose repeatability SD AT40GW (mm)6.9
Position resolution of KUKA (mm)0.06
Maximum joint speedAT40GWKUKA
Joint 1Joint 2Joint 3Joint 4
8°/s6°/s6°/s120 mm/s225°/s